Wills and Will Substitutes

A will is simply a directive that dictates how and to whom property will be distributed at your death. This document is essential, and every person should have one in preparation for the unexpected.

At BSLF, we assist families and individuals in the creation and implementation of wills and will substitutes that comprehensively meet their specific needs and goals. Our attorneys are committed to helping you find the solutions that will allow you to pass on the fruits of your hard work to your family and loved ones.

Estate Planning — Assisting in Will Substitutes

Will substitutes, such as inter vivos revocable trusts, can provide a measure of privacy for clients because these trusts need not become a public record. In addition, in jurisdictions where probate can be burdensome, a funded revocable trust can often effectively avoid probate. In planning effectively for the transfer of your assets, our attorneys will also consider assets passing by other testamentary substitutes, such as by beneficiary designations and through joint ownership.

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