Business Succession Planning

As business owners look to the future, they must consider the day when they are no longer able to manage the business. Making thoughtful planning decisions surrounding the succession of your business is one of the most valuable measures you can take to keep your hard work intact and healthy.

At BSLF, we are equipped to guide you through the phases of successfully passing a business down to future generations. This includes a review and update of all wills, trusts and insurance policies. We will also handle complex matters, such as capital restructuring, shareholder agreement issues, buy and sell agreements and transfer restrictions.

Business Succession Planning — Passing On Your Hard Work

Through our tailored business succession planning process, we will create a succession plan that suits your specific needs and goals. We carefully evaluate the circumstances and business frameworks in place. Often the involvement of families in the business, whether those roles are in management or leadership, makes a significant impact on the future of the business and how it will continue after you have passed.

Our attorneys will evaluate the role that family members play in the operations, management and leadership of the business or company, and present to you the most advantageous options and alternatives.

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