Family Investment Companies

Families are often seeking methods to preserve their wealth against inheritance, gift and estate taxes. Family investment companies, or FICs, offer a method to transfer wealth in a tax-efficient manner. The complexities of this type of planning can benefit from an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer.

At BSLF, we represent clients in a wide range of complex estate planning needs, including those related to the formation of FICs to centralize the management of family investments. Our attorneys will meet with you to help you understand the tax and non-tax benefits of FICs, and explain your options for entity structure. Common business entity options for FICs include limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and S corporations.

Family Limited Partnerships

Family limited partnerships (FLPs) are commonly utilized to transfer assets from one generation to the next. FLPs have several benefits, including providing a vehicle for effective management of such assets.

Our attorneys can explain your options with regard to FLPs and assist in the establishment and management of them. Our goal is to help you find the vehicle that allows you to make transfers in a tax-efficient manner.

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