Premarital Planning

Marriage is not only one of the most significant personal decisions you will ever make, it also changes your financial situation profoundly for the rest of your life. While no one expects the marriage to end when he or she enters it, life can take unexpected turns. To avoid being caught off-guard if the unexpected should happen, you can take steps now to protect yourself.

Premarital Agreements — Helping to Prepare Assets for Marriage

At BSLF, we assist individuals approaching marriage in prudently preparing their assets.

We also assist parents in preparing arrangements to pass assets or property to their children who may be getting married and starting a new life of their own. Parents can create trusts to hold assets for their children that are protected from spouses in the event of a divorce and from other potential creditors.

We are also available to structure partnerships to accommodate the specific needs parents face as they prepare to grant certain assets to their children approaching marriage.

Guiding You Through Premarital Planning

Individuals have different circumstances and goals that frame their perspective as they embark on the next chapter of their life. We work to provide confidence that those wishes are going to be fulfilled and protected, both now and into the future.

We also assist clients in postnuptial agreements, making arrangements after a marriage has already occurred. Many times, these are created to accommodate circumstances that arise as the couple ages.

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