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Are you overwhelmed by estate administration and probate duties?

Even if you agreed to undertake the responsibility of being an executor or personal representative of the estate of a Georgia loved one who is now deceased, you might not have truly been prepared for the duties before you. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by estate administration and probate. Fortunately, help is available.

More than likely, your goal is to get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, if you do not fully understand your duties, that could present quite a challenge. An attorney can tell you what steps you must take and provide you with invaluable help during the process.

Several steps are required in order to settle the decedent's estate. Legal documents must be filed to initiate the probate, and further filings will be required before the estate is closed. You will need to have the court validate the will, settle your loved one's debts and handle estate taxes and tax returns (if needed).

When all other requirements are met, the assets of the estate can then be distributed. Even when a probate goes smoothly, these and other tasks can take a significant amount of time and effort. If issues arise during the process, matters could get more complicated and require more time and money to resolve.

The more you can avoid any mistakes or unnecessary delays, the sooner the process will be over and the assets can be distributed. A Georgia estate administration and probate attorney can help alleviate the stress and frustration that can accompany the process. He or she can not only guide you through the probate, but could also provide you with the freedom to focus on dealing with your loss and moving forward without your loved one.

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