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Probate dispute keeps Charles Manson in the news after his death

Charles Manson is best known throughout the country, including here in Georgia, for being the mastermind behind the murders of nine people, which were carried out by his followers. Over the years and until his death in Nov. 2017, Manson periodically made the news. Many may have thought that his death would be the last time his name made news, but it is back -- this time in probate court.

Two men, one who says he is Manson's grandson and the other who says he is Manson's son, both came forward claiming to be his heir. Each say they are entitled to the notorious ringleader's "murderabelia," along with music and lyrics Manson allegedly wrote that bands such as Guns 'N Roses and the Beach Boys performed. In addition, there is the question of which one will inherit the rights to Manson's images and writings. All of this property is said to be worth substantial amounts of money.

The problem is that the prison where Manson was incarcerated at his death reports that he had no will and did not indicate that he had any heirs. The alleged son says he is in possession of a will signed by Manson in 2017, which names him as the heir to the property in question as well as the name of an executor. Meanwhile, his alleged grandson says that since he is the closest relative, he should inherit the estate. Purportedly, the operator of a Manson museum already filed a will supposedly executed in 2002.

This situation may not be as unorthodox as it seems. Many surviving family members here in Georgia and across the country find themselves in similar probate disputes more often than anyone would like. If a decedent fails to properly construct an estate plan, disputes such as this one could be the result. When this happens, each party involved may benefit from seeking the advice and assistance of a probate attorney.

Source: HuffPost, "Judge To Settle Fight Over Charles Manson's 'Murderabilia'", Mary Papenfuss, Jan. 8, 2018

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